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Submit Your Site

How to Add Your Site

Adding your site to Feed Me Charlton is simple and a completely FREE service!

As this site is run by fans, we are keen to get as many or your blogs, fanzines, etc listed. In return for inclusion on Feed Me Charlton, all we ask is that you display either of our logo's, by using the scripts found below...

Option 1: Add this code just under the <body> tag:
Option 2 (WHITE): - Add this code to any location on your site:
Option 2 (BLACK): - Add this code to any location on your site:

We require that you create a special headline page for us to scan. This is in the shape of an XML/RSS feed or a special HTML headline page (see further down this page). Many content management systems (CMS) and Blogging software create XML/RSS feeds automatically and a few examples of where to find them are displayed below:

PHP-Nuke -
Simply submit

Mambo -
Setup your news feed via the Admin Area - Components > Syndicate, then submit

Simply submit

If you are running a News System which does not support RSS/XML, please create a standard HTML page:

  1. Create a distinct web page for our spider to visit. For an example visit:
  2. Place the headlines of the top 5 newest articles on this page.
  3. Make sure each article is given a distinct headline.
  4. Make sure the text of each headline links directly to the article in question.
  5. Don't place any other links on this page as we instruct our software to harvest everything and this would cause unsolicited headlines to appear on our web site.
  6. As this page will only be scanned by our spider and not viewed by the public, please remember not to include any graphics or other design elements, as these will simply increase the load on our servers.

All that is left to do is for you to send us your site details so we can add them to our database and start listing your headlines!

If you are satisfied that you can meet the above criteria, please continue >>